We’re LIVE!

Well, there you have it! Our website is live! Our Facebook page is live! Now what? GET TO WORK GIRL! That’s what!

I launched my Facebook page last night and by 8am this morning, I had a phone call and a meeting booked! I’ll have a second meeting by week’s end and am confident I will end up with a new client. That’s how it works. It’s simple really – put yourself out there, offer your services and “they will come”… I wish! Wouldn’t that be the life.

I started ReachStrong because I know we can’t sit back and wait for revenue to come… we have to go get it. But we have to get it with integrity, trust and a genuine desire to help/serve others in the process. So that meeting I talked about? – it was today. What I thought would be a quick 30 minute meeting ended up being almost 2 hours! Why? Because I chose not to rush. I chose to sit. I chose to listen. I chose to be completely present. And by the end of the meeting, we had established an unspoken trust. I trust that the potential client knows I truly want them to succeed, and they trust I will do whatever is in my mental arsenal to help them accomplish their goals.

It was a good day today. Our website is live. Our Facebook page is live. How can I help you?



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